Bear Boy Windsor



Shop 8, 180 Albion Road, Windsor Qld 4030

Open 7 days - 6am - 1pm

Where are we located? Built in 1928 by Arthur William Colwill, this two-storey avant garden building is steeped in rich, local history and boats a boutique array of shops. 

Who knew that less than a year after opening in Helensvale, Bear Boy would be offered such a fantastic opportunity to expand. Colwill Place is a classically restored character building, steeped in local history and is well positioned at the corridor to some of Brisbane’s most affluent near-city suburbs. We are privileged to call this 100 year old building our home.

Here we serve a reduced version of our full menu offered at Helensvale and pretty much everything else follows suit. Our goal is to continue on the path of success from Bear Boy ground zero. We’re believers in adaptation and innovation and are not naive to the fact that each store will have it’s own unique personality and “vibe” so our team is fully equipped with the structure of what worked at Helensvale as well as the flexibility to change and improve.