What does Bear Boy mean?

So what is Bear Boy, and where did the name come from? Probably the most commonly asked question is the story behind the name, why Bear Boy? When Brodie and Andrew, the founders decided to open a cafe, they were very certain on how the space would look. A minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic with pop's of terracotta hues, warm timbers and plenty of greenery (because who doesnt love plants!)

And do with a very clear vision on what the space would look and feel like, then came the tricky part in finding a name. Keeping with the Scandinavian drive, the brainstorming of names began. And high on the list was Bjourn Boy. But its not that easy to pronounce right, and even harder to spell. However in the depths of their brainstorming the meaning of Bjourn arose; bear.

And so there it was the perfect name for the space they were dreaming about, and BEAR BOY was born.

Partnering with Surry Hill based coffee roasters 'Single O' we proudly serve their 'Killer Bee' Blend. The sweetest of Single O’s blends we run this as our house offering for both black and milk based drinks.

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